4″ Sanitary Sewer in Grand Rapids

The Waste Recovery team was contacted by a local Ford Dealer with a bad offset joint blocking nearly all flow to a 4-inch sanitary sewer pipe. The Waste Recovery team has seen it all in Michigan! This particular sanitary sewer pipe was a connection between the PVC sewer pipes in the remodeled Ford Dealership’s new bathrooms and the original 4-inch cast iron pipes. The soil had settled around the connection creating a bad offset joint, completely blocking flow. Like most Grand Rapids businesses with foot traffic, this client wasn’t prepared to have constant backups due to the 4″ sanitary sewer pipe.

Our expert technicians at Waste Recovery rehabilitated the 4-inch sanitary sewer pipe connection with a small diameter sectional CIPP point repair. There was zero digging, zero disruption and zero restoration to the Ford Dealer. This happy client is now 100% back in service, with a brand new 4″ sanitary sewer repair.

If you live or work in Grand Rapids and have noticed backups or slow running drains, call us at 616-719-5595!


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